Summon Electronics Inc.

Summon Electronics is a hybrid distributor of electronic components.  Our unique expertise is navigating the global market to ensure our customers have on time production, removing lead time, and reducing cost.

What makes Summon Special?

We’re here to make your desperate part requests as easy as rubbing a lamp and having a genie take your wish.


Negotiable Pricing

We navigate through our extensive network of suppliers to ensure that your price point is met.

No minimum order quantities

Our clients don’t always need a full reel. Summon Electronics excels with meeting your exact quantity, saving you time and money on excess parts.

Not contractual obligation

We are able to contact any manufacturer or distributor to source your order. There are no exclusivity agreements limiting us.

Grey Market Experts

We are experts in dealing with grey market parts. Traditionally, there are several concerns with grey market vendors – What is the quality? How is the part listed? Is the quantity correct? Is the vendor trustworthy? Summon Electronics sails through the murky waters for you and eliminates needless legwork.

Our Process

Using the information you provide we analyze all potential part listings. We then contact our American, European, and Asian distributors before scouring the grey market. Our expert acquisitions team will also reach out to independent contacts in Asia who ensure any stock found there is properly vetted before sending an offer.


At Summon, we are dedicated to delivering quality parts with a quick turnaround .

Step 1 - Ordering

When negotiating with a vendor for price and delivery we maintain a skeptic approach to the parts requested. We research who the vendor has supplied before, what their industry repetition is as well as company records (dnb, state filings etc.).

Step 2 - Inspection

At Summon, we maintain a professional in house inspection program ensuring the following industry standards: J-STD-033, ANSI/ESD S20.20, IDEA-STD-1010.

Step 3 - Shipping

All orders are shipped in ESD or MSL compliant bags. We have on-site ability to dry pack and vacuum seal in accordance with J-STD-033.

Our Strengths

At Summon Electronics your request is always granted. We strive to help our customers:

  • Eliminate lead times
  • Avoid painful price increases
  • Locate obsolete or discontinued parts
  • Ship revenue during the current month
  • Avoid costly minimum order quantities
  • Get over the toughest supply chain hurdles

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