Can you provide us traceability or certifications for the project I am working on?

For many of our customers we have to provide traceability. If you tell us that is what is needed we can do that. Many manufacturers allow us to source directly.

Why would I use Summon Electronics over Arrow, Avnet or other franchise distributors?

With Summon Electronics, there is more flexibility.

  • Negotiable pricing. If you need to get to a certain price we will do whatever it takes to help hit your target.

  • No minimum order quantities. We understand that you don’t need a full reel every time. We will do our best to give you the exact quantity needed.

  • Not contractual obligations to any manufacturer. We are able to contact any manufacturer or distributor to buy parts. If we have a client that has excess inventory of a part, we have nothing limiting us to offer you those parts.

  • We are experts of the grey market. When dealing with grey market parts. There are a lot of questions to ask: quality? How is the part listed? Is the quantity correct? Is the vendor in question trustworthy? Let us sail through the murky waters for you.

What is your process when buying parts?

When we receive a request for quotation from a customer, we look for this information: Part number, quantity needed, date needed, target price and project name. With that information, we first pull up the data sheet to see all the ways the part can be listed. We then check American, European, and Asian distributors. Next we scour the grey market. Lastly we reach out to our independent contacts in Asia who will scour the markets for us to help make sure any stock found there is properly vetted before offering.

How do you figure out your pricing?

Our goal is to hit your target price. If target price is not obtainable our markup is typically 20-25 percent if the parts are located in USA for what we are receiving parts for. If the parts are coming from Europe or Asia we Typically need 300-400 dollars in Profit to cover shipping and testing.

What is a hybrid distributor?

A hybrid distributor is a blend of authorized/ franchise lines and surplus lines. If you have a project that needs tractability or certs we provide them. Also, if you’re looking for cost savings and the end customer does not need tractability we can provide quality surplus.

What type of inspection procedures are followed?

Adhering to JEDEC J-STD-033 and ANSI/ESD S20.20, we have developed a custom inspection program that will ensure that the product Shipped is always genuine, the exact unit order is always what is shipped, and the receiving in of the product by your warehouse department is always customized to your bar-code and packaging standards.